Achim Dunker

Dipl. Fotoingenieur

»Of all the cinematic stylistic devices, the light is the most exciting.«


Achim Dunker is a graduate photo engineer.
Since 1982 he has worked as a cameraman, director, author, film college lecturer and lighting designer.

Current Production

Marionette gangster epic in the style of Film Noir, 84min. current in postproduction


The Online Film Studies

Since 2012 Achim Dunker has been holding webinars on the subject of film design. There are no access restrictions and are therefore open for anyone who wants to make films. There are lectures on film lighting, camera, sound, editing and technology. The theory is supplemented by numerous practical workshops.

Zwo-Filmproduktion GmbH

Commissioned Productions

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eins zu hundert

Die Möglichkeiten der Kameragestaltung

Cover: Die chinesische Sonne scheint immer von unten

Die chinesische Sonne scheint immer von unten

Licht- und Schattengestaltung im Film

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Kompakte Infos für Fotografen und Filmemacher

Cover: Portrait Lighting for Photo, TV and Cinema

Portrait Lighting

100 Aufbauten - kompakte Infos - 500 Fotos - sieben Sprachen


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